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Traditionally, reflex sights are designed to provide the fastest target acquisition possible. Now, the AQC family of Reflex Sights combines both Speed and Accuracy, into the same sight, for the very first time.

AQC Reflex Sights set a new standard of accuracy. The sights are parallax free and use a uniquely sharp reticle, thus enabling faster target acquisition and higher accuracy, maximizing your shooting ability to its highest level.

The AQC-1 is a unique fighter friendly All-In-One Reflex Sight including: three built in reticle options, sleep mode, sleep mode deactivation, PTT cable, hand-adjustable zeroing knobs, motion sensor, unique night vision mode and more.

Key features

Incredibly accurate
Three built-in reticles – quick shooting, accurate shooting and a red dot.
Uniquely large window size allows faster target acquisition
Remote PTT cable (optional)
Night vision mode
Sleep mode/Sleep mode deactivation
Motion sensor
Low battery indicator
Hand-adjustable zeroing knobs
MIL-STD qualified


Quick & Accurate Shooting – Three built-in reticle options one for quick shooting in urban terrain, second reticle for accurate shooting for open terrain and a red dot for shooter’s preference.
Fighter Friendly – Remote PTT cable (Optional) allows sight activation, reticle selection and brightness control without disengaging the weapon grip. Also, zeroing is hand adjustable, requiring no tools, coins or shells.
Day & Night Compatible – The sight can be used together with any NVD, offering Eight different brightness levels (4 for day and 4 for night scenarios) allowing the shooter to better operate in all lighting conditions.
Extended Battery Life – Sleep mode and motion sensor prolong battery life. Also, a sleep mode deactivation is included for ambush scenarios.
Adaptable to all weapons – The AQC-1 has a built in adaptor for piccatiny rail 1913.

Technical specification

Magnification X1
Weight (operational ready, knobs adaptor) 375g/13.2 oz
Weight (operational ready, quick release adaptor) 390g/13.8 oz
Body composition Composed reinforced polymer
Reticle Type
Field Of View Unlimited with both eyes open
Window area 1050 mm²/1.62”²
Operation Time 3000 hours
Window Size (HXW) 30mmX36.5mm/1.18″ X 1.44″
Battery type single 3.6V AA Lithium
Dimensions (W X H X L) 68mm X 53mm X 144mm/2.7″ X 2″ X 5.7″
Size of center dot 5 cm at 100 m/1.7 MOA
Environmental MIL-STD 810